Conditions Treated by Acupuncture 

Bone, Muscle, Joint, Pain:  arthritis (2),  neck and shoulder pain,  back pain, lower back , bursitis carpal tunnel,  elbow pain,  foot pain,  orthopedic bone conditions, sprains, strains, tendonitis, athletic injuries,  TMJ 

Addictions:  alcoholism,  drug addiction,  eating disordersmoking cessation

Cardiovascular:  hypertension, high blood pressure

Dermatological:   acne eczema herpes,  psoriasis sweating

Emotional:  anxiety,  autism,  depression,  stress (2),  tension headaches

Eyes-Ears-Nose-Throat: ear infections eyes macular degeneration sinusitis

Gastrointestinal:  acid reflux irritable bowel syndrome IBS digestive disorders

Reproductive:  endometriosis and fibroids female or male infertilitylow libido  (2),  menopausemenstrual problems,  polycystic ovarian syndrome pregnancy and postpartum care,  PMS, male sexual dysfunction and impotence,  female sexual dysfunction

Infections:  bronchitis,  candida,  cold and flu prevention cold treatment vaginal infections

Internal:  chronic fatigue diabetes  (2),  fibromyalgia,  high blood pressure,  lupus obesity, weight loss,   prostatis & pelvic pain,  urinary problems, cystitis

Neurological:  dizzinessinsomniamigraines, headachesneuralgiashinglesstroke

Reproductive: endometriosis and fibroids,  female or male infertility,  low libido menopausemenstrual problems polycystic ovarian syndrome,  pregnancy and postpartum care,  PMS, male sexual dysfunction and impotence,  female sexual dysfunction 

Respiratory:  allergies asthma,  pediatric asthma,  emphysema seasonal allergies

Other:  cancer HIV,AIDS,  hepatitis,  pediatric ,  pregnancy,   pediatric nutrition,  athletics