What is Community Acupuncture?

The Community aspect of CAT allows for the community to support each other in healing and to make it more affordable for the average patient.

4 resting clientsAcupuncture is one of the oldest, most commonly used systems of healing in the world. Acupuncture is simple, safe, and sustainable healthcare. The Community setting has many advantages and is how acupuncture is typically practiced in Asia. Acupuncturists in Asia have learned over generations that it is frequency of treatment that ensures consistent good results. The community setting makes frequent appointments affordable.

At Community Acupuncture of Towson, CAT, we know that not all insurances will cover acupuncture treatment for those who need it or choose to use it alternatively. This typically means that the patient has to pay for acupuncture treatments from out of their pocket. Often this leads to less or no treatments for someone who could benefit from frequent and regular acupuncture. Community acupuncture makes it possible to reduce the cost of treatments therefore making acupuncture more accessible to patients who need it.

The only way that we at Community Acupuncture of Towson can make acupuncture affordable and still make a living ourselves is by seeing multiple patients simultaneously. We have returned to the traditional approach. We don’t ask you many questions but rely on pulse diagnosis and point palpation to decide the best way to treat you. The community setting naturally provides a supportive and relaxing environment in order to help promote healing. We believe that acupuncture works better when conducted in a group setting.

Community Acupuncture of Towson is not primary care medicine. It can provide a wonderful complement to Western medicine but is not a substitute for it. If you feel that your problem may be more serious, a malignant growth, a serious infection or an injury that will not heal then you need to see a primary care physician. Of course, in cases of life-threatening trauma and emergency conditions, your first visit should always be the hospital!

Here is an informative video from a sister clinic in Seattle, WA: